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Cookbook Challenge 3.1 – Seaweed Chicken Roll-Ups December 4, 2009

I am very excited with this week’s theme of hor d’oeuvres (although I have to double check with Rilsta what hor-d’oeuvres is  ha ha but once i get that sorted, off i go searching through my cookbooks)

I decided to try out 2 recipes, one is from a dimsum book and another is a Japanese cookbook. Both recipes actually share a “Star” ingredients which is Sesame Seeds. I love sesame seeds(black and white), i just sprinkle it anything and everything (luckily I am not allergic to sesame seeds, then obviously I wont be doing that huh? ha ha)

First recipe is adapted from “Chinese Dim Sum” – Wei Chuan Publishing

I follow the recipe to a Tee except I use one extra ingredient – At first I was quite concern that the sesame seeds would not stick to the chicken roll when being deep-fry, so i rollup one seaweed chicken and did a trial. indeed as soon as the seaweed chicken hit the cooking oil, all sesame seeds “unstick” itself and float up. then I remember there is some chinese book i read before, you need to dip into egg white before coating sesame seeds, so I did that and I was quite happy that at least some of the sesame seeds stay ha ha ha

The chicken paste is actually quite tasty and easy to prepare, i might try to make chicken nugget out of it next time.  except i think i will bake the nugget (healthier option) instead of deep frying.

Seaweed Chicken Roll Up


  • 200g (7 ounces) chicken breast
  • 6 water chestnuts
  • 70g (2.5 ounces) mince pork
  • 1 tbsp mince ginger
  • 5 seaweed sheet
  • 1/4 cup white sesame seeds
  • 1 egg white


  • 2 tbsp sesame oil
  • 2 tbsp corn/potato starch
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • few drops soya sauce
  • pinch of white pepper



  • mince chicken breast and mince pork together finely to form a paste
  • mince water chestnut and squeeze out excess moisture. mix thoroughly into paste with mince ginger and marinade sauce
  • cut seaweed sheet into 3/4 section(depending how big/small you want your rollup). place a tablespoon of filling on each strip of seaweed sheet and roll up. seal with flour water paste, then dip the two end in egg white and next in sesame seeds
  • deep fry in cooking oil heated about 140c until golden brown.
  • mix 2 tbsp of flour with one tablespoon of water to make flour-water paste

3 Responses to “Cookbook Challenge 3.1 – Seaweed Chicken Roll-Ups”

  1. lydiak345 Says:


    I’m afraid these recipes are over my head which is too bad because I’d really like to try them.
    The only Asian dish I know how to cook is Teriyaki Chicken & I certainly don’t know how to measure anything in grams. I guess I could wing it though.

    Actually, taking another look at the recipes, they don’t seem so hard afterall. I’ll give it a go. I’ve never tasted seaweed so it will be an adventure for me.



  2. arale79 Says:

    Hi Lydia, yes give the recipe ago, i have updated the recipe to include ounces measurement. you can also use in future. seaweed is an acquire taste, let me know if you like it or not 🙂


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